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L to R: Alex Bromely, Michael Moreira, Jules Worsley, Eban Schletter
In 1988 or so, I was approached at a party
by Eban Schletter and Alex Bromley about
putting together a new band called Twitch.
And the suggestion was that I play drums.
Eban would take the bass duties, Alex would
sing, and Jules Worsley would handle guitar.
The whole Twitch idea was audacious, mostly
because we were all totally different as
individuals, painfully so at times, and this band
would have no leaders. The amount of friction
we all generated killed the band in less than
a year.

But what a ride.

We all had high expectations for Twitch (we
recorded ourselves the first time we ever
rehearsed!). Practices were erratic, alcohol-
soaked, cranky affairs. I took to drinking
mountain dew in alarming quantities, because
I heard it had more caffeine than coca cola.
Most of the songs were murky, aggressive,
prog-punk. If we weren't squabbling, we were
plotting bizarre ways to garner publicity for
Twitch (none of which we ever carried out).

Out of the 15 or so gigs we had, most were
very good. In our pockmarked universe at
that time, our friends thought we were a
supergroup. That was the joke all along.

We did record one 7 inch single; IMAGINE
b/w SUCCESSFUL YET. One cut is
offered here. At our best, Twitch was
sardonically funny and a demolition derby
set to music.

-Michael Moreira
©p1988 Twitch.

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